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Ten Year Anniversary of the conhIT Convention

conhIT, which took place at Messe Berlin from April 25th to April 27th, celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. The trade fair connects healthcare IT between corporations and startups/SMEs. Topics discussed were software for hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and care homes, IT solutions for medical practices, laboratories and radiographers, communications solutions, mobile health, and much more.

To give an idea of what the convention looked like, here are highlights from three presentations.

Medatixx is an app that makes doctor-patient communication easier. They realized that patients alone have a ton of apps provided for them, however, doctors are confronted with all of the data from these apps not understanding how to come to terms with it. As a solution, medatixx created an app-point which allows for a simple and deep integration of apps into medical software. Data can be transferred directly into patients’ medical files in the medical office software, thus simplifying doctor-patient communication. The app-point shows doctors which health apps are available for structured communication with their medical office so they can also advise patients on which apps to use.

mySugr, with the slogan, “we make diabetes suck less”, is an app based program created by people with diabetes, for people with diabetes. During their presentation, they discussed this global epidemic and how diabetes is growing exponentially. In 2014, there were 387 million people affected, most from the Western Pacific. By 2035, it is predicted that 592 million people will be affected. The problems are that healthcare spendings are increasing,patients are lost between doctor visits, and that therapy tools deliver awful user experience. With mySugr, a person will be able to looks at their estimated A1C, and their CGM data, as well as calculating their bolus. mySugr, has almost 972,000 users, from both the US and the EU.


Lastly, Grants4Apps, is a program from Bayer for Startups. If interested, a submission should include forward thinking related to topics like patient compliance, healthy habits, patient empowerment, etc, where you would take these topics, and relate how the process will work with the company’s software technology, and then talk about the progressive pharmaceutical process. Annually, Bayer receives about 250,000 projects, where less than ten are accepted.