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The IoT Waste Challenge Berlin

Can the internet of things help to reduce waste? We are teaming up with startups to find out!

German households produce 45 million tons of waste per year. However, waste is still an “out of sight, out of mind” problem. We think this needs to change!
In the days of interconnect things we measure body movements, heartbeats and sleeping patterns. So why don’t we use technology to measure how much waste each of us is actually producing? The IoT Waste Challenge will install smart garbage bins in selected households. Throughout this small scale pilot, we will collect data about individual garbage production in households. Marc Weimer-Hablitzel, principal of etventure and jury member of the IoT Waste Challenge emphasizes: “It is crucial for our work to go beyond an idea, and to turn concepts into reality. Our team is guiding the whole process from beginning to end. I am very curious to see what data we gather out of this challenge and what behavioural patterns we can detect – Hopefully this level of visibility on how much waste people produce can induce change!”

Startups and makers who participated in the IoT Waste Challenge, were asked to provide hardware for the small scale pilot. 5 selected startups introduced their prototypes at the pitch night on the 20th of November: Smart Cities Lab, Binando, Kitro, Rysta and Sensefinity.
“We enjoy organizing challenges like this frequently, to add value to the startup ecosystem. That’s one of the many ways how we support startups and help them grow.” adds Laura Kohler, founder of the etventure Startup Hub. The IoT Waste Challenge introduces startups to the corporate partner GreenCycle, supports winners financially and creates broad visibility in innovation ecosystems.
The jury selected two winners during the pitch night event in November: Congratulations Rysta and Smart Cities Lab! We are looking forward to work with you on the small scale pilot and to use your hardware to track waste production in German households!

The IoT Waste Challenge is organized by etventure and etventure Startup Hub, supported by the IoT European Platforms Initiative and sponsored by GreenCycle. The challenge aims to create a vibrant IoT ecosystem by engaging with young entrepreneurs, that develop new technologies with social impact.