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Interview: Laura Kohler about etventure Startup Hub and Outlook 2018

Laura Kohler, founder of the etventure Startup Hub was recently voted to be one of Europe’s most influential women in the startup and venture capital space. In this interview, she explains what value she and her team bring to the European startup ecosystem and what projects are coming up in 2018.

You have been selected to be one of the 50 most influential women in the European startup Ecosystem. Why do you think that is?

A very good question. I think, I bring a very special combination of startup knowhow, a deep understanding of the corporate world and strong connection to the research environment. In the end it is my ability to connect these ecosystems and to introduce them to each other to drive innovation forward.

What makes the European startup ecosystem special?

I really love Europe and want to support the European startup ecosystem. Being a startup in Europe is a very complicated thing. Compared to the US, which is a very homogeneous market. If you want to grow in Europe, you have to know different languages, rules and tax systems.

What does the etventure Startup Hub do?

The etventure Startup Hub does mainly three things: First of all we a experts for startups: We connect corporates with startups. So to speak, we are builders of bridges. We know both worlds and help to identify the right parties to partner with. Secondly, we know how to build ecosystems and introduce corporates to innovation and startup ecosystems. And we run a company builder, that means we build and support startups from idea stage to series a.

What projects are coming up in 2018?

There are lot of interesting new projects coming up in the next year!

For example: We have more than two new projects, which are funded by the European Commission: One is a Big Data Accelerator program (EDI): Startups get access to data, provided by corporates and cities to build new digital business models. Our team will provide business building support, introduce the founders to investors and innovation ecosystems. One of the other EU projects (IRSUS) will support research projects to bring them from lab to the market.

We will use our ability to build innovation ecosystems, to support a very traditional region in Germany: the Ruhrgebiet. It will be an exciting challenge to connect existing players in this region. My team will work on a value proposition for the Ruhrgebiet, to make it more well known in the world and attractive for startups and support the coordinator of the Ruhrgebiet, Christian Lüdtke.